Halal Food Near Me.

The Best Halal Food Options In Christchurch

Prince Of Persia is located in a very popular neighborhood of Riccarton. Riccarton is knows for its shopping mall which is the largest in the city. It also is a very special neighborhood for Muslims because Al-Noor Mosque is located in the suburb of Riccarton too.

We are located right in the heart of Riccarton at 104 Riccarton Road which pretty much central to the whole city.

Halal food is the heart of Prince Of Persia. If you are looking for 100% Halal food options, then you cannot find a better place than Prince Of Persia. We are proud local Muslims running this amazing place of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Prince Of Persia serves the freshest and highest quality of recipes and 100% Halal certified chicken, lamb and beef. Our experienced chefs prepare your food with highest level of food safety and highest hygiene ever possible to ensure the food on the plate is delicious, healthy and safe.

Our charcoal grilled kebabs, authentic rice options, and the fresh Naan breads make our place of food so unique. You feel lucky the moment you enter our heavenly place of Halal food. The options are so good that you will have a mission to choose one over another. All we want you to bring is an empty stomach and you will be in for a unique experience like no other.